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'Sustainable Beginnings' - report on sustainable transport projects in six Indian cities


This report documents the outcomes of sustaianable transport projects taken up by six SUM Net members in the cities of Patna, Ranchi. Indore, Nagpur, Guwahati and Shimla. 


Walkability studies done in Patna, Guwahati and Ranchi revealed the miserable condition of pedestrians in the three cities, where lack of footpaths, the substandard condition of footpaths and dangerous crossings summed up the situation of pedestrian facilities. In Nagpur, women cyclists working as domestic help who rely heavily on their bicycle for transit and greater access to livelihood were studied to give voice to the issues of women cyclists in the city.

A school awareness programme undertaken in Indore highlighted the issues of the dignity of cyclists or the lack of it in our cities. In Shimla, a study of their unique, historic Mall road was undertaken which had been an exclusive pedestrian zone since before Indian independence. These varied studies have been instrumental in highlighting the condition of cyclists and pedestrians in most of the cities.

A policy statement based on the outcomes of these studies has been issued by SUM Net. Though limited in scope, these studies may very well be reflective of the situation of pedestrians and cyclists in other cities. Ironically, when the government speaks of promoting green mobility by encouraging public transport and other low carbon emitting modes of transport, little is being done about it.

To read the report, go to Sustainable Beginnings. 



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