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Taming Streets: Design, Deliberation and Delivery in Indian Cities

The film takes us through the process of engaging people in designing streets to be more liveable and people-centric rather than the current vehicle-centric trend. The initiative taken up in two Indian cities of Pune and Bangalore brings out why deliberation might actually be the core of street design.

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Indore BRTS

The I-Bus has been recently launched with a pilot BRTS on one route i.e. A B Road with sixteen buses. Seven routes have been identified for I-Bus. The project is an initiative of Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited, Indore Municipal Corporation, Indore Development Authority and Madhya Pradesh Public Works Department under JnNURM projects of Government of India and Madhya Pradesh Government with support from the Global Environment Facility. 

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Chandigarh Eco cabs

Make a phone call to the rickshaw operator and negotiate the price by providing details about your starting and destination location. This community dial-a-rickshaw service in Chandigarh city is currently running in 30 sectors or half of Chandigarh city. Navdeep Kumar Asija, Founder of Ecocab says, "About 90% of the cycle rickshaw drivers have mobile and about 97% of the residents in Chandigarh have mobile phones. We sort of connected them together through our website. One can call and refer a favourite

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Bangalore Bus Commuters Forum Launched

By Vinay Sreenivasa

Bangalore is a city where 48 lakh out of a total population of 95 lakh people use the bus. Bus-users in Bangalore have a number of issues – high fares, rampant sexual harassment of women in buses, absence of bus shelters in most stops and major terminals, poor connectivity to interior areas and outskirts etc. However there was no forum for bus-users.

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Pune endorses Global Street Design Guidelines

In a noteworthy move, the Mayor of Pune, Smt. Mukta Tilak, endorsed the Global Street Design Guidelines (GSDG) making Pune the first Indian city to do so.

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Orientation Workshop for SUM Net members held in Pune

This year, SUM Net's main agenda is to reach out to more organisations, individuals and cities through engaging in urban transportation issues in different cities in India. This exercise started out with an orientation workshop held at Pune for thirteen new members who then went on to take up projects related to transport issues in their own cities. The workshop was held on 18th and 19th of February 2016 at YASHADA, Pune. 

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Pune’s Transport Budget Analysis 2011-12

SUM Net member organization Parisar has recently done an analysis of Pune’s municipal budget, and in particular those aspects that relate to transportation investments and expenditures. Here are some highlights:

At around 30% of the total municipal budget of Pune, the transportation sector gets a larger share than important sectors like health, sanitation & slum rehabilitation together.

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Transport-related provisions in Pune’s Draft Development Plan: A critique

By Parisar

The draft Master Plan or Development Plan (as they are termed in Maharashtra) for Pune, has been published for suggestions and objections from the public by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). The DP is one of the most powerful and important legislations for a city, defining its land use and building control regulations.  Traffic and transportation is one of the most critical aspects of any development plan. The fundamental requirement for solving transport problems and

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A bus lane pilot at BKC - The prime commercial complex of India in the heart of Mumbai

-  Ashok Datar and TruptiAmritwarVaitlafor Mumbai Environmental Social network

Bus lane, bus priority or Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) are variations of a common theme. It caught the imagination of Indian cities in the last decade but not much progress has been reported. Pune was the first city to introduce this concept followed by Delhi, Ahmadabad, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur and Vijayawada. Mumbai toyed with this idea for Western Express Highway in 2006 but the project was abandoned after a detailed study that concluded that elevated bus tracks were the best option. 

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If wishes were horses, beggars would ride - The condition of transport in our cities is hopelessly in disrepair and it will take more than mere slogans and policy pronouncements for it to improve. -Vidyadhar Date

When the National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) was announced in 2006, one expected urban travel would become more tolerable. Unfortunately, 10 years down the line, this situation has worsened for the common man. NUTP definitely had some good features-it sought to promote public transport, discourage private transport, provide better facilities for pedestrians, curb car parking use, among others.
The decline in urban transport is visible in the case of the BEST bus undertaking in Mumbai. The BEST has been a good example for the rest of the country all these years. Its virtual collapse sent waves of unrest all over, but the officers still remained indifferent.

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